Welcome! The Blue Room is a 21+ venue (18+ for band members) located at 201 Secaucus Road in Secaucus, NJ; just minutes from Hoboken, the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels and Giants Stadium. Original acts play every Friday night from 8pm to close. (Except what we consider major holidays)

The Blue Room has seating in the form of tables, bar stools and couches; as well as standing room. We also have a full bar and kitchen. There are plenty of secure parking lots. (We are allowed the use of AJ's parking, which is located next door).

Performances include bands, acoustic acts and comedians. Cover material is not banned, but originals are strongly encouraged.


You are probably wondering if we have a PA. We do! We have monitors and speakers, a 24 channel mixer and a variety of microphones.

Good news drummers! If you don't want to, you don't have to bring a thing! (Well, sticks are probably a good idea, but we may have them, too) We supply a full drum kit, and it's even better than the trash cans and cow bell they supplied at your last gig! It's a PDP by DW with maple heads, three toms, a double bass pedal and cymbals. You can bring your own snare and extra cymbals if you like, but you don't have to. For those of you that want to use your own drum kit, we have to be stern on this one: it is never allowed on your first gig and is only allowed for acts with extremely heavy draws. (It's a major pain for us that we avoid at almost all costs.)

We supply a bass amp/speaker. It is a fender 100 watt combo with one 15 inch speaker, solid state. You are able to run direct and we do. Please don't bring your quadruple stack bass rig. We are sure it is very impressive, but this one works hard and gets very jealous when their are other bass rigs around.

Guitarists, the bright side is you get to bring your own amp. The downside is you have to bring your own amp. We do not supply a guitar amp or speaker of any kind. Why? One, most guitarists like to use their own and two, we're cheap.


OK, let's get down to the nitty gritty... What's an up and coming rockstar have to do to get paid around here? It's pretty standard stuff: Draw. A draw of under twelve and you do not get paid. Break 12 and receive $5 a head from head one. It's just that simple.

We ask all acts to arrive no later than 8pm, especially the first time. This is because -- and this may come as a shock you -- some acts are actually not so strong in the reliability department. We have to cover our tooshes on this one. If an act does not show up, we extend other bands' times to make up for the lacking act or otherwise weasel our way into extending the evening. Since someone broke our crystal ball a while back, the only way we can do this is by having all acts check in at once. Obviously, acts that ditch with little or no notice will not be booked again and will not receive birthday cards. If an act is excessively tardy, their set time may be altered. In other words, don't roll in at 10:45 for an 11 o'clock gig and think you're playing on time. It really hurts our feelings and makes the door girl cry.

Draw is strongly encouraged. A large draw will result in percs equivalent to the size of the draw. They are at our discretion, but we were out shopping all day and really want to share with you. On the down side, a draw of zero may result in altered and/or reduced set time. Now, before you start accusing us of being, "The Man," please realize we do not require ticket sales and do not want to be party poopers, but we do have to pay the bills. Original music is not exactly the cash cow of New Jersey Nightlife and we doubt you want us going guido. If we feel it is necessary to maximize the evening and you have no draw, you will get to play, but your time may be altered to make the most of the night. Remember, if everyone draws just a little everyone will have a nice crowd to play in front of. Just try to get a few people to come out to see you. :)


Play. Be cool. Have fun. :)

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